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Throwing a request out in the universe.

There’s a great essay by Alan Moore on the creation of “V for Vendetta” where towards the end, he outlines the preciousness of true collaboration:

“V is something that happens at the point where my warped personality meets David’s warped personality, and it is something that neither of us could do either by ourselves or working with another artist or writer. Despite the way that some of the series’ admirers choose to view it, it isn’t “Alan Moore’s V” or “David Lloyd’s V.” It’s a joint effort in every sense of the word, because after trying the alternatives, that is the only way that comics can ever work. There is absolutely no sense in a writer trying to bludgeon his artist to death with vast and over-written captions, any more than an artist should try to bury his writer within a huge and impressive gallery of pretty pictures. What’s called for is teamwork, in the grand tradition of Hope and Crosby, Tate and Lyle, Pinky and Perky, or The Two Ronnies. Hopefully, that’s what we’ve got.”

Read the whole essay here



Am hungry to COLLABORATE with good humans & BUILD audacious things – and looking for opportunities which have a DK-shaped-opportunity in their current operations.

I excel at:

  • making the complicated simple (see my ‘creative producing’ work)
  • aiding people to find their voice (see my ‘speaker coaching’ stuff)
  • achieving creative excellence (see my TEDxWellington & Creative Welly offerings)!

I craft actionable strategies in the intersecting creative arenas plus spend my time delivering upon them as well (not just directing).

Have worked on five continents, been in the tech space, worked at senior level of local government, delivered for central government clients, done events at scale with 6 figure budgets and thousands of people plus also at cost at the 1-2-1 level.

Am also open to this being in any part of the world with large or small entities who share the values of creativity, kindness and aiming to make the world a better place.

Asking here where the community should already know me, what I’m capable of and also have an idea of what I should be doing with my life when I grow up :-)

Can you help / tag someone in / like or share the post (as then more people see it) / hit me up in DM’s to explore further, please?

Below are my top five strengths from the CliftonStrengths assessment I recently completed:

For a fuller picture of me and my pedigree click here—thanks in advance for your time!

The above is posted on LinkedIn yesterday.
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