Leaving To Return / Returning To Leave | My Recent Europe Adventure

Captured in one of the many churches explored in Brussels.

“Eang yw’r byd i bawb.” / “The world is wide to everyone.”

A few days ago I came back from a 10 week trip in Europe. It was my first international travel in 3 years and the main aim was to reconnect with family, friends, the fatherland plus reignite my wanderlust which has been dormant since Covid and other confidence-damaging events.

I didn’t have a return flight booked but had a couple of gigs already booked in beginning of November to provide a backstop.

I spent the majority of time in the valleys of Wales as well as side trips / escapades to Scotland (Glasgow and all over Isle of Skye), Ireland (Dublin and Tramore), England (London), Germany (Munich), Switzerland (Winterthur—see Time With Rilke | A Rhapsodic Swiss Side Quest—Raron, and Basel), France (Lille and Basel), plus Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp, and Bruges):

When you’re away for 2.5 months things change. Buildings and roadways which were once familiar are different. Vistas which are known have a fresh look. My flat seems bigger. The world feels smaller.

I’m brimming with gratitude, energy and hope from the experience.

Am tired but hungry to build / collaborate.

I yearn for stability although am looking for new streets to wander for the first time, again, already.

I’ve changed and I guess that’s the lesson: when you leave, the return creates just another opportunity to depart, again.

Whilst away was very lucky to continue working fulfilling several opportunities whilst on this trip, which included my online ‘Presenting Engagingly Online’ talk / demo to NZTA, ACC, MinterEllison, Sports Wales, Liverpool Port City Innovation Centre Accelerator.

For my lovely ongoing client of Teulo got to MC the August monthly event (took a break for September) as well as a couple of sessions for a group of speakers they are sponsoring for the upcoming ArchiPro event in Auckland next month.

As mentioned, delivered two masterclasses for Accenture global R&D department at The Dock. Also delivered an in-person ‘Purposeful Storytelling’ talk for the start-ups of FinTech Wales and spent two afternoon consults / ideation sessions with friends businesses.


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