Oat So Good

oat so good

Earlier this year I got diagnosed with IBS after undertaking a series of horrible tests.

Straight away the docs wanted to medicate me although I declined as wanted to tackle the cause not the symptons of the problem. I asked for holistic therapy solutions and was told there are none. So I hit the books and with some advice from other people embarked on a no-wheat, no-dairy, no sugar. This sorted it all out.

One of the hardest things has been cutting out chocolate, bread and surprisingly replacing my Coco Pops, Frosties and Weetos morning habit. After trying porridge, fruit and other alternatives I found Oat-so-good—delicious, local (made in Wales) and has none of the evil stuff my stomach can’t handle.

Thanks guys.



  1. I have an amazing recipe for granola which is so good, I was inspired to share it when I read this post. It’s very flexible, so you can add (linseeed, hemp, etc.) or omit any ingredients (bar the oats) which you don’t fancy. One batch lasts a couple of weeks and takes about 15 mins to make.3 1/2 cups oats1 cup barley flakes1/2 c wheat or oat bran1/2 c pumpkin seeds1/2 c sunflower seeds1/4 c millet seeds1/4 c sesame seeds1 tsp salt1 c nuts (I use pecan or Brazil, smashed up a bit)60ml sunflower oil120 ml honey (or maple syrup)300ml boiling water1 tsp vanilla essenceMix dry ingredients. Min a separate jug, mix wet ingredients (I use drastically reduced oil and honey, but adjust to taste). Mix together. Bake at 150 c for about an hour, turning it over every 15 mins or so. Cook for less time if you don’t like it a little browned. I usually leave it in a turne doff oven to go really crisp. When it’s cooled you can add fried fruit (cranberries, raisins, crystalised ginger, etc.)

  2. You could happily add cocoa for a chocolate fix adn you can’t get much more local than your own kitchen…

  3. Amazing chocolate free truffles: 110g dates75g oats35g raisins36g raw peanuts (or walnuts/pecans if you are opposed to raw peanut taste)30ml apple juice (add more if needed)15g cocoa (1 tbsp)5g almonds (or increase peanuts/walnuts/pecans)Put them all in a food processor (small if you have one). Form paste into small balls. You’ll never miss chocolate again (or maybe you will – not quite the same mouth-feel)

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