People, Time, Place | The Erratic Elements Of Life

The people / time / place coefficient.

Sometimes, the people are right, it’s just the wrong time and place.

On other occasions, the chances time-out but the people and place still fit.

Then there’s the opportunity syncing with the place, however, those who are around don’t match.

Sometimes, all the elements are there and make total sense, it’s just not what was expected and / or wanted.

The varied pathways which form our possible lives are multitudinous beyond belief due to their ever shifting elemental permutations and fluctuations⁠—it’s amazing how anything ever happens intentionally.

And yet here we are, expending so much energy to make ‘it happen’ (because consciously or not, we know every chance-possibility might be nudged in our favour due to the effort).

Attempting with wild abandon to make things fit (because of previous failings still stinging the spirit into action).

Throwing ourselves in with all our might to align all the jumbled elements available (because it’s our nature).

No wonder we’re exhausted!

I wish for you the right people, at the right time, together, in the right place.

*the above is an actual recent Wordle experience I had which sparked this brain-fart of a blog post.


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