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Keep pushing!

Discussions about the space I’ve been operating in for eight years is stilted at ‘social media’ (and usually the false assumption that most folks think it just means social media marketing).

For me, the semantic and focus has shifted to just “social”, which includes:

  • social media
  • social technologies
  • social platforms
  • social workflows
  • social currencies
  • social literacies
  • social interactions
  • social expectations
  • social sharing
  • social business
  • social metrics
  • social culture (to name but a few)

These new associations seem peripheral to the main social media discourse, and if you think that way, good, because there’s not much space on the edge.

The courageous, audacious, curious margins with their better questions.

The fringes where development occurs as a gradual push outwards, extending the status quo.

A punctuated equilibrium.

Whether it be a university asking for applications for one of it’s courses via 200 characters; Lego making it’s executives to take courses in social; crowdfunded films winning oscars etc

The edges are far more fun, confusing, impactful and wondrous than the center.

Join me if you dare.

Image remixed from The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D.
Hat-tip Brian Sweeney for ‘punctuated equilibrium’ term.

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