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There’s this website where, at the beginning of each week, it displays works which are now in the public domain due to their copyright terms expiring.

You can subscribe by email or RSS, and even choose specific fields in which to be notified about (whether that be music, graphics, poetry, design etc.).

Then there’s this social layer in which, after creating an account, you can upload back into the community remixed works from ones which inspired them. This new content forms an interconnected ‘network of influence’ which is graphically illustrated for users to navigate around.

As a member, you also get access to tutorials, interviews and options to participate in group tasks and creative challenges set by the worlds leading artists and thinkers.

Sounds great, doesn’t it…?

The above doesn’t exist. Want to work with me on it?


    1. Will the web still exist then :-)

      Although, all the stuff which inspired the Disney tales are probably already in the public domain…

  1. Hey DK

    Sounds great – I’d really be up for that. I’m currently running a course for Cyfle called Archive Mashup, where the idea is to teach a group – over 6 months – how to remix archive content, to create something new for the creative industry – but also work for the public sector (eg a council making an interactive historical walkthrough of their town – using archive to enhance the experience)
    Creating and leading this course has really got my remix juices flowing! So your idea of an online resource to work this – sounds great!
    Hit me up if you need collaboration on this!


    Rhys MT

    1. Hey there Rhys – course sounds magnificent – ping us a message through the contact page with more information on what you’re doing plus the areas you could potentially help with. Thanks again for the comment and willingness to be involved!

  2. I mentioned this on Twitter but should probably repeat it here. As far as finding work that’s up for grabs, http://www.gutenberg.org/ is a volunteer-run thing that publishes public domain works and has a feed for things that have been newly added. Mostly books, but also some audio, film and the human genome (naturally).

    The Open Knowledge Foundation are worth checking out too. In their project archive is a thing called Public Domain Works which was intended to be an open registry of artistic works that are in the public domain.

    1. Great to have your contribution Chris – was aware of Project Gutenberg and the idea was to take it to the next level (as it’s mainly books plus has no social layer in there).

      Didn’t know about the Public Domain Works though and this provides an exciting opportunity as they have an API available. I’ve also dug a little deeper and found the Public Domain Review which is closer again to the idea above. Still no social layer so thinking I might contact them direct.

      Thanks again for your comment Chris – really has moved the discussion along you big chunk of cleverness you!

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