Mahi Papaho Conference | National Association Media Educators (NZ) 2012 Keynote

Social media killed mass Media (how social changed everything & nothing).

When we (the conference organisers) heard DK’s presentation on social media at a CORE Breakfast last year, we knew we wanted him to come and talk at the conference, and we were really excited about the eye-popping possibilities of social media in a classroom that he would introduce. We thought; we smiled. Thanks, DK!
Diane Henjyoji, Conference Organiser

The title of the above keynote I delivered for the National Association of Media Educators (NZ) and TRCC, Mahi Papaho Conference in Wellington, NZ, 6th July 2012.

It was a great opportunity to revisit some of the topics I studied during my degree days and it was delivered as part of my role as Social Media Manager for CORE Education.

Special thanks to the organisers for both filming and allowing me to share. As stated in the talk, would love to be involved with the curriculum development specific to this subject—anyone out there listening / watching from NZQA? Please get in touch.

YouTube version

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