The Best Damn Public Speaking Course On The Internet (Even The Planet)


Want to be a kick ass public speaker? Does the idea of giving presentations to your boss / colleagues / board scare you? Are you wanting to develop another skillset and income stream?

Over the past couple of years I’ve been lucky enough to speak on four continents, for small charities to big brands, at public conferences through to internal events, to audiences ranging from a handful to over a thousand etc—I’ve gotten pretty good at it but always remained open to learning new approaches and developing my craft.

Throughout my journey of becoming a person who gets paid a healthy wedge to stand on a stage and tell stories, there were no credible and insightful coaching available or aggregation of best practice, delivered in an accessible and funky way (apart from corporate-stuffy-suit-types with bad powerpoint slides who gave me advice which runs contrary to how I roll)…

…come mid-March 2012 there will be!

Twelve amazing speakers will each be featured in a 40minute skype/video interview offering insights and advice plus a deeper focus on their areas of expertise (from confidence building, presentation design, landing gigs, technology use, personal branding etc.). Each video will also be accompanied by a downloadable transcript, a one-page worksheet based on the conversation plus other related material and links.

The cost of the course will be around £100GBP / $150USD / $200NZD.

At the time of writing a third of the speakers are in place and waiting on responses from the others (only sent the emails out yesterday).

So what do you think? Would you be up for taking the course when it comes out? What will your expectations be? Maybe you think I’m going about this in the wrong way?

Hit me up in the comments, don’t be shy, you’re not on Facebook!

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  1. sounds a good option, especially when people are learning they dont want to perform in public

    It will also be dependant on the quality and resume of the speakers and the value of their practical tips – so i am sure, if they are very experienced people in delivering in this field, then it has a value

    Clips of them speaking would be essential to see their ability

    One of the benefits of live public speaking is to have the feedback when you ‘perform’ – wouldl be interested to see how that could be addressed

    1. Wendy – the speakers I’ve chosen are pals and colleagues who have mentored / inspired / guided me in this game… their pedigree is awesome and there’s stuff of there’s all across the interwebs!

      In terms of addressing feedback – videoing and trusted critiquing from more experienced folks is the way to go :-)

  2. Hi DK,
    Sounds like a great option for people who want some alternatives to the traditional ‘public speaking’ training around. To have access to inspirational mentors (who I’m guessing will all have their own quirks when presenting if they have inspired you) will allow budding presenters to learn from a variety of people and develop their own style to suit their purpose.
    How many people will be involved in the skype interview? Or are you planning on interviewing them and then sharing? Perhaps creating small support groups of your learners would provide a follow on; critical friend, blog support, PLG type of idea?
    I’d be keen to take part, especially in my new role, need all the help I can get and $200 is very reasonable!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Jane – hopefully, this will raise the bar on the stuffy ‘public speaking training’ I see on offer out there.

      The speakers we are lining up are from all sectors and will definitely give a much broader insight into the different approaches to the profession – it will just be me interviewing a single speaker generally about their approach but then drilling down to their specialism or expertise.

      Have considered the ‘small support groups’ plus ongoing follow on’s but at this stage we’re keeping it minimal in terms of time commitment. There will be so much inspiration and guidance to take away from the course in this first iteration people definitely won’t be left wanting (although we’ll be monitoring feedback and reacting accordingly obviously).

      Be awesome to have you on board when we launch – thanks again :-)

  3. Great idea! If I was in my old job then I’d bite your hand off for a course like this, especially one I could do online. But as I’m not in my old job I unfortunately find myself without an excuse to take part – for now at least. But who knows what the future might bring so please keep updating me with this one… and happy to be a guinea pig any time if it’ll help x

    1. Who knows Sarah, when you see the speakers we have lined up you might think differently ;-)

      Appreciate the comment and offer to help as always x

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