Infographics | The New Social Media Snack / Crack

Lick the screens and spread the linklove for infographics—they are like blue smarties for your eyes and brain.

The search rate for Infographic-related content has been steadily rising over the years (see above) as this wonderful way of visually presenting information and data has really taken hold (see my humble attempt with Ulearn11 | How Twitter Makes An Event Global and Learning@School 2012 | Tracking Twitter Infographic).

I’ve been talking to clients about them probably for about 4/5 years now as an opportunity to present statistical related material in a much more engaging and ultimately shareable way. Think annual/quarterly reports, market/customer research, sector analysis etc

Whether you’re in the education, marketing, shoes etc game, there’s a growing Infographic and Data Visualization library for you.

Their variety is a testament to their versatility, ones like:

—you get the idea… even the Whitehouse is doing it and here’s a blog aggregating the cool ones.

UPS is even using it in their Fast Company ads:

fast company ups infographic

Still not convinced?

Go away…

Still here?

Watch this:

Now get the research/numbers peeps in your organisation to talk to your design team so together they can create some gorgeous infographic offerings. Failing that, take the initiative and impress your boss by doing one yourself—there’s quite a few how-to’s on the web like this, that, and thus (don’t forget to come back and leave a comment sharing what you’ve done).

Have I made you a fan of infographics? What ones have you seen which you want to share? Leave a comment you lovely readers you.



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