The Freemium Model In Action | Steens Manuka Honey

steens manuka taster strip

Tasters. Teasers. Tempters.

Steens Manuka Honey is the best tasting honey on the planet. Not only is it rich in medicinal properties (you can put this stuff on your wounds and it will aid recovery) but as a brand they also understand how to entice a customer.

Above is a little strip of card with a sealed packet of the delicious nectar on the reverse. Snap the strip in half and enjoy a sweet sample.

This for me is the correct definition and real-life use of the freemium model—leveraging the quality of the product through a sharable short-form handout.

This has parallels with social media, as every tweet, blog post, video vignette etc is a taster to the larger brand offer. A cheeky flavour to excite those to want more.

Done well, with grace and quality, it’s a simple and sure-fire way to build up a customer / consumer base who advocate you further by distributing your free little contributions.

Develop and dispense tasters.


Big thanks to Dom who first gave me the honey strips and a jar to get my hooked. Further thanks to Sheryl for being a wonderful soul through our contact on Steens Facebook Page and for sending me more tasters—my colleagues are going to enjoy these and I’m sure will be converted into customers as well.


  1. Nice post. Correct me if I’m wrong though – isn’t freemium where a good or service is offered at the basic level for free – but the user pays for advanced or premium features?

    1. Thank you Luke – yes, usually applied to software although being the cheeky chap I am the above is an attempt to hijack and stretch the meaning… the evoke new thoughts… to extend the ideas into other areas… it kind of works for me (and open to the fact it might not work for others).

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment… makes me smile :-)

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