This is the second time this has happened.

It won’t happen again.

Will use another service.

UPDATE : Some social media responses from Facebook and Twitter: Sucks


  • Emma McLean 9 years ago Reply

    Wow. Just wow. I went to their site last night around midnight to check a booking and their site was down too. Please do let us know how this story progresses!

  • Katherine_ann 9 years ago Reply

    I had a similar experience with them attempting to find Hannah’s train tickets for Shift. I booked them a month in advance, they stlll hadn’t arrived two days before the conference. 3 customer service people and 2 formal complains later the tickets arrived.

  • bobbie gardner 9 years ago Reply

    I hate bad customer service, it makes my blood boil! Did you see my maintenance man post? Would love your advice.B x

  • Steve Jones 9 years ago Reply

    That’s shocking! I recently booked tickets with and had a couple of concerns about my ticket but their customer services were fine. If they’d have treated me like this I would’ve flipped!

  • Alicia Cook 9 years ago Reply

    Put him in a cupboard!

  • Frank Walker 2 years ago Reply

    We visited from the US and were very unimpressed with’s rigidity and lack of customer service. You’d be much better off dealing directly with the rail company itself.

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