#33 September 2021 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Pick through this months fascinating collection of curated thingamajiggies from the interwebs.


The 4000-page IPCC climate report summarised (have someone to hold after this).

We should all be getting our bike as it’s ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities.

Those clever swedes are thinking beyond the “15 minute cityscape” and exploring the ‘hyper-local one minute city’ option.

How to stop Google knowing where you are 24/7.

How those nasty folks at Facebook disabled the personal accounts of a group of New York University researchers studying political ads on the social network.

Nice news: the whales in Alaska have been happier than usual.

A nice piece exploring why do we devote so much of our attention to online platforms making billions from your data.

Igniting cognitive ‘long-termism’ plus the benefits of embracing ‘deep time’.



Bookstack is a simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organising & storing information (free wiki app).

cchound.com is a curation of CC licensed music from various artists and genres for you to use, however you like with correct attribution, in your creative projects.

A collection of royalty free 3D Images.

Iconduck has a shed load of free open source icons & illustrations.

A simple but mightily effective free color picker app for the Mac.

A free online ‘Paint By Numbers’ platform (beware of big ad which pops-in).

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Image credit: Writing board, via The Met – “His many spelling mistakes have been corrected in red ink by the teacher.”

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