Bastard Brain | Battling The Internal Narrative

“You must feel your way out!”

For many, battling the debilitating monotone internal narrative is too hard to even start: that nasty voice in your head reducing you down, limiting your potential, constraining your joy, crushing your confidence, opening the doors to anxiety, igniting your loathing of self / life, feeding the dangerous black dog.

And due to the direct link from mind to heart, cultivating strategies for dealing with the bastard brain needs to be prioritised to experience fully this living experience. Unlearning where our precious attention goes is the key to unlocking the melodies which rounds off positive aspects of existence.

For most of my life this wicked voice held the reigns and defined the journey, complimented by the learned repression of any verbalised ’emotional’ state.

I’m starting to relearn the roots of my operating system and in doing so, rerouting many of its commanding protocols, releasing the energy for a more rounder me.

Recently, I sent the following to a friend who was asking how I was:

My heart is a beautiful mess of things, like an Hieronymus Bosch painting: full of magic and weird characters plus brilliance and terror!


Here’s to emergence, light, kindness, revelations, celebrations, talking, crying, laughing, hope, dreams, attempting, love, courage, quietness, weakness, forgiveness, discovery, worthy, curiosity, flourishing, spirit, balance, soulfulness, respect, ok, contentment, unlearning, relearning, learning.



  1. I hear you and feel for you, DK. After years of battling self-doubt, I’m now supporting others (all ages) who are on this track and, in doing so, have found my purpose. I especially love supporting adolescents & young adults to learn about & value themselves before entering adulthood. Kia kaha e hoa. XX

    1. Appreciate you taking the time to read and share also Anne – thanks for your support and wonderful to hear you’ve found your purpose x

  2. Love, light and forever your sister, friend, peer, comrade, warrior, listener, questioner and bringer of unconditional love and #hugsx12 on this journey through life. I hear you, see you, and in many ways am you. While also walking my own messy path. Dig deep. Smile wide. I got you. I love you. Always, forever, today.

  3. Thanks for the words. This brings to mind a sense of recovery, post 2020 and a survival mode. A dip to feel and recalibrate. Searching for the light and joyous stuff is a great start.

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