#43 June 2022 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

The Remarkables / Kawarau (from this weeks trip)

A bunch of things (which I tweeted) for your eyes and ears plus brain to spend time on.


Did you know it takes ‘11,000 litres of water to make one litre of milk‘ in NZ and how it’s just not sustainable.

Read and listen to Yma o Hyd (the defiant Welsh folk song that’s been 1,600 years in the making).

Sheryl Sandberg has retired from BookFace (now meatr), what an awful legacy she has to take with her (like this: they banned accounts promoting disinformation, spam, or propaganda—and kept the money it made from ads).

The crypto industry is spending more on lobbying than the entire United States defense sector combined, don’t get involved in this corrupt space (if you do just be a watcher of the “hollow abstractions” from crypto advocates).

A cybersecurity researchers’ take on how Web3, NFTs, and cryptocurrency are dangerous to society and the planet.

In the USA, the federal government buys our cell phone location data, this is how.

In the UK here’s an overview of what’s happened in the six years since Brexit (spoiler: all bad).

An interesting take on the ‘pandemic’s social death‘ as it’s all become a little too quiet (as all the numbers keep climbing).



Open Source Alternative to… are 300+ popular open source alternatives to your proprietary software.

Switching to Firefox as they recently rolled out ‘Total Cookie Protection’ by default to all users worldwide.

Go full screen (trust me) and spend time with the top 100 Hubble images.

The economic state of every OECD country (here’s Aotearoa / New Zealand).

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