For Those Who Want To Tell Better Stories #5 | Macbeth, Climate Change & Poetry

A few chosen narrative examples, to uncover forms, inspire the soul and stir the creative spirits.

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Deconstructing other peoples work is a way of extending the relevance of the piece. Revealing complexity through performative understanding in this case, reveals all the nuances of written text which is intended to be acted, by the actor themself (in this case Sir Ian McKellen). Even though the above is specific to a well known soliloquy / scene / text from Shakespeare it can stand as an example and be applied to any element of any sector / industry. A master, holding class (BONUS: watch till end to see the lesson put into action).

This in-browser investigative news story integrates graphics and motion in a wonderfully creative way, the outcome of which enables takes the viewer / reader on a visual feast of a journey through the narrative. Again, you can imagine this as an example which could be ported to other uses like an annual report of a company, an investors pitch online, an organisations future strategic commitments etc.

What a wonderfully produced, simple and effective 14 minute exploration of such a broad topic: How Poetry Works. In their delivery, Paul Tran ignites the watchers interest with simple technology use, mastery of language and superb emotional projection. Using just one poem, we’re introduced to the elements, structure and strategies (some obvious, some hidden) a poet can draw upon to convey meaning (ANOTHER BONUS: watch till end to see the lesson put into action).

All offered up to inspire, teach and make you smile / think.

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