Batman vs Superman

Superman and BatMan Team up at C2E2 2012

My butty thinks Batman is better than Superman—I think they’re wrong…

Even though Batman is well cool, got the better gadgets (because he hasn’t got any real powers), the funkier costume, the more charismatic villians to defeat… however, after all said and done he’s just a man in a bat costume.

Maybe that makes him all the more incredible although I’m not convinced.

Superman by his very nature is super. Has an array of special powers, is the man of steel, from another planet (literally) and can fly (not just glide).

I know, I should get out more—what do you think?



  1. Batman and Superman are in fact opposites in possibly more than one way.Batman has developed his character and became a super hero as a result of coming to terms with life.Superman was forced into super hero-ism and has developed his character by coming to terms with this.Both go it alone against their wishes.Superman is an alien.Batman’s parents are dead.Superman has limitless, nearly divine, powers he must pare down to human scale and rationality.Batman has only human powers he scales up through, study, determination and outrageous discipline.

  2. WT – mmmm… jury’s still out…CK – appreciate your contribution, still don’t know where you stand though ;-)R – having groovy pants always helps in ANY situation!

  3. Dene nene nene nene nene nene nene nene BATMAN!I love that he’s just a real guy….but kinda hard. Makes me think I could be a super hero too!

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