me footy

I’m about 7 here. Wearing my Liverpool football strip and dreaming about becoming a footballer (the fact that I never played football didn’t matter)—some things don’t change…

2009 New Year


BRING IT ON! Plans and aims:

  • focus on building my little business
  • focus on developing my punching
  • have fun with my month off in October in New Zealand and Tonga
  • connect more with the people that matter (family and friends who reciprocate the time you give them)
  • find a little/no-makeup-plus-beanie-and-dress-with-jeans-wearing chilled girl who plays no games and makes my heart grow (not break)

Not much to ask surely…?

Imagine Working Four Hours A Week


Currently blasting through this book and enjoying the challenges it’s leveling at me—for those who have never heard of it here’s my dilluted summary:

…the exploration and achievement of becoming part of the NEW RICH (NR) and creating a lifestyle of “mini-retirements”—working when most effective, productive and enjoyable.

Has anybody else read it and more importantly adopted the principles into their lives? NB : Really interested in those who love their job/work and how they have used it…