For Those Who Want To Tell Better Stories #2 | Wood Block Carving, Intimation & Family Secrets

A few chosen narrative examples, to uncover forms, inspire the soul and stir the creative spirits.

Even if you don’t carve Japanese wood blocks for printing, this is a delightful experience. Softly delivered with barrels of enthusiastic knowledge regarding one persons learning journey. A 30mins piece-to-camera with very little deviation (I only counted one cut), no script, just chapters of a thread regarding a teacher and their impact on an eager student with a wonderful piece towards the end of the manifest artistry alluded to throughout the video.

One of my favourite shorts. Dripping in suggestive narratives and tenderly framed, the sparse dialogue focuses attention whilst the actions conveys the emotional depth of the situation. Subtle and monumental all in one.

An example of how oratory can be performative. Complimented by musical overtones plus amplified through a slick and calculated delivery, an illustration of the power of humanising lived and generational experiences.

All offered up to inspire, teach and make you smile / think.

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