HATCH Europe 2023 | The Analogue Trust Factory

Colliding creative spirits to hatch a better world.

HATCH Europe was a three and half days of connections and conversations, performances and talks, breakout labs / workshops through to participatory and invitational expressions of creativity.

“Humanity moves at the speed of trust!”

Jurgis Didžiulis

HATCH appears in your life when you need it, pulls you up and into its swirling vortex of human kinship, then gently places you back into the world, changed, turned around, emboldened, enriched, enthusiastic.

This was my fourth time attending the twenty year initiative and the experience keeps getting better with age (see 2013, 2014, 2016 write-ups).

The curation of attendees is impressive⁠—wide ranging, audacious and folks simply doing stunning things in the world⁠—and this event had 140 attending (77 of which I have on a list to contact to follow up personally).

They and myself are now part of a larger network of over 3,000 HATCHers globally. A community of doers spanning the globe and forming a living chain of magnificent souls.

It was the first time the experience had been held in Europe and just as a brief aside, what a venue: the Caux Palace is one of the most intriguing places I’ve ever been to (from the funicular ride up from Montreux train station which weaves in and out of tunnels to deliver you neatly outside this vast property, to the vistas and superb aura / history of the place)⁠—I think HATCH has found a new (Europe-side) home!

It’s hard to summarise the time although it did include (in no particular order):

Art. Participation. Hope. Dancing. Puppets. Performance. Forgiveness. Transformation. Activism. Unity. Tears. Evolution. Discomfort. New friends. Old friends. Conversation. Integration. Confusion. Laughter. Hugs, lots of hugs.

Thank you HATCH, the organisers and volunteers, the Palace staff, the attendees, the sunrise and sunsets, those deep conversations, the silliness and delicious connections made.

I am (again) HATCHed!

A few days out was asked to get involved as the speaker coach / liaison (briefly MC). As an event professional I’m always happy to assist when attending other experiences as know how hard it is to pull off these things with so many moving parts needing attention:

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    1. Was a pure JOY to be involved again – still feeling the delicious reverberations and have no doubt it will sustain for the rest of the year – thank you for creating this unique space for us untribed to find our tribe :-) x

  1. Beautiful write up, video, and photos DK! I deeply resonate with everything you shared here.
    Also, You added so much value to our collective experience. Thank you!
    Until next time my friend!

    1. So kind of you to say Pablo and was great to spend time with your gracious self – lets make sure there is a next time please :-)

  2. Grateful for you were my steady hand to hold and guide me through some deep breathing before getting on that stage. Thank you! I hope to be coached by you very soon.

    1. Was wonderful to see you shine on that stage and appreciated your contribution to the whole experience – would welcome any further collaboration of course, for now, just delighted to be reconnected and see you do your thing :-)

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