Hatching A Better World | HATCH14

HATCH family 2014

Imagine a cacophony of good souls who lean in to conversations with deep curiousity which always ends with them asking how they can help (very much the opposite of most events). That’s HATCH!

Packed with people who you want to be when you grow up and cradled by the genuinely brilliant folks at 320 Ranch, this four day event is how the world should be: challenging, creative, inspiring, friendly, dangerous, open, vulnerable, adventurous.

Was humbled to be invited back (last years review) and also present a piece on the wisdom thinking I’ve been exploring (more to follow on that in the next couple of weeks).

Deep waist bows to Yarrow and the HATCH14 team for their energy / effort in crafting an experience so that hearts and minds can relate and add value to each others lives.

Personally and through tears and laughter, here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Kindness—the only way to live;
  • Listen—the fastest way to connect, learn and show you care;
  • Create—a body of work so your talent catches up with your taste (see Ira Glass On Storytelling).

Some pics:

INSIDE JOKE: no Rugrats / ferrets this year.


  • Amber Jean 6 years ago Reply

    Mmmm…yes…!!! Impressive ability of yours to recap all of the magic and heart strings that is HATCH. Super sorry to have missed you and the HATCH family this year but soooo glad you made the pilgrimage back and just know your spark and heart added to everyone’s experience.

    • DK 6 years ago Reply

      You were missed – sincerely missed. Next year ;-)

  • Andrew Macpherson 6 years ago Reply

    Great summary of an awesome event, hope we all get asked back again! ;-)

    • DK 6 years ago Reply

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Andrew and great to meet a fellow adventurous soul – will work hard to ensure our paths cross again soon!

  • Cassandra Sunell 6 years ago Reply

    DK – great captures with both your words and camera. Loved having you back!

    • DK 6 years ago Reply

      Thanks Cassandra for all your hard work to make it such a cherished experience – truly amazing / humbled to be there… see you soon hopefully!

  • Yarrow 6 years ago Reply

    DK, you are a soulful poet. Honored to have you as part of the HATCH tribe, and thankful to know you my friend. Thank you for generously sharing your wisdom.

    • DK 6 years ago Reply

      From the man who conceived and started and continues to curate such as wonderful experience… I am the lucky one to know you my friend – see you soon!

  • Lydia 6 years ago Reply

    I am indebted. This is a lovely summary from a lovely soul. My #becauseofhatch started #becauseofyou. See you soon in Wellington.

    • DK 6 years ago Reply

      Your contribution throughout the event was definitely felt and appreciated deeply sharing the experience with an equally special soul. Thanks for the kind words and see you in a couple of months time for more adventures :-)

  • Eric James 6 years ago Reply

    DK! Hatch was an amazing experience, which for me was embodied by the spinning iPhone coincidence that very first night. Pleasure to spend the weekend with you, and can’t wait to connect again sometime soon.

    • DK 6 years ago Reply

      Appreciate you taking the time to comment – was equally great to get to know and hear your story. Will follow closely your continued adventures and here’s to our paths crossing again in the near future my friend :-)


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