1. Ok, innovate, from Latin innovare, literally simply means “to renew”.

    Now, if we look at “renewal”, it means that you take something that has worked well and either broke or shows signs of ageing and renew it. You put it back into its original state. Why would you do that? Because it has shown that it’s worth it, that you don’t want to replace it altogether but keep the good service it has provided and renew it, fix it, improve it.

    And here lies the opportunity we have in development work. Nobody can reinvent the wheel, nobody will ever reinvent the wheel, nobody has the money to reinvent the wheel. So we take what we have, evaluate it, focus on the positive aspects, reinforce them, mend the dents, fix the problems, renew and rebuild from the good model we have had.

    The aim of innovation therefore would be to build on success, make it last longer and take a short moment to get rid of bugs and malfunctions.

    1. Appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts – the renewal idea is an interesting one as I’m currently juggling / exploring the differences between innovation, improvement and invention – it’s one of the main reasons behind launching the ‘Defining Innovation’ podcast series: https://justadandak.com/defining-innovation-000-podcast-teaser/ – to explore with those who are teaching / doing / selling innovation as a practice / model in order to learn more… thanks again!

  2. Since late last year I have worked with defining Innovation as ‘Creativity with a Purpose.’ I am currently reading Creative Confidence by the Kelley brothers and they talk about innovation as the creative breakthroughs rather than the small improvements which makes sense to me

    1. Appreciate the comment and insights Steve – the addition of ‘creativity’ and ‘breakthroughs’ makes sense although the former is an overused word and needs defining (along with the latter and is why I didn’t use it). That being said, read with nodding head and thanks – the book is on the list for reading when it hits the library :-)

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