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Love people, use things—the opposite never works.

On Saturday, 23 October 2010, I posted the first blog entry to my Declutter100 project, an attempt to take one hundred hours to explore minimalism.

Nearly two months later, a comment from a chap named ‘Josh (one half of the minimalists)’ started a conversation which transitioned into a friendship (including the other one as well).

The Minimalists have forged a movement and rallying cry towards a simpler and fuller life through their writings, talks and wonderful storytelling.

Last night I watched their documentary (finally, sorry guys) and was reminded again about how living intentionally, without forced consumption and expectations of ownership, increases the richness of the moment plus amplifies the essential experiences of human relationships:

How might your life be better with less? MINIMALISM: A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE IMPORTANT THINGS examines the many flavors of minimalism by taking the audience inside the lives of minimalists from all walks of life—families, entrepreneurs, architects, artists, journalists, scientists, and even a former Wall Street broker—all of whom are striving to live a meaningful life with less.

Watch the film although be prepared to have it question your habits, ideas of success and consumerist lifestyle.

Well done Ryan and Josh for this great achievement and thanks for doing what you do.



  1. DK, as we discussed t’other day, the serendipity around your connection to the Minimalists and Colin Wright blew my socks off considering how strong the whole philosophy had made an impression on me literally in the last 6 – 8 weeks.

    Once I was exposed to minimalism I realised that I was naturally progressing along this path anyway over the last few years so was great to hear of others who have provided a roadmap of sorts and helped give me validation of my own process of intentional living

    Hopefully one day we will get a chance to share ideas and reflections over a couple of drams of single malt. I’ll also look forward to feasting in your Declutter 100 Blog (if ever there was an ebook created I would love to see it if it is available).

    Love People, Use Things….Amen to that

    1. It’s a certainly a funny small world of good people and still smiling at the shared connection.

      Minimalism definitely has rewarded me so much in the past although this documentary has asked some questions around the idea of how I’ve let old ways seep back in… time to renew the minimalistic vim & vigour .

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