PechaKucha Night Wellington | Hugs Are Currency

20 slides, 20 seconds per slide—lets hug it out!

On the bottom of my site for the past few years I’ve had the statement:

Around here, hugs are currency!

It’s a cute line although it’s also something I dearly believe in.

So, to the embrace the challenge and put together a talk on this for PechaKucha Wellington the other month was a pure joy.

Huge thanks to the organisers for trusting me with a rogue subject matter and hope you will learn the ROI of hugs, why they matter and how not to give a hug (plus also how to give a great one).



  1. Hugs are remarkable and I place a high value on them. I regularly dish them out and often use them as a litmus test to get a sense of someone’s energy and what they’re putting out(the same applies to handshakes and eye contact).

  2. Hugs Are Currency, as always thanks heaps, DK for spreading the word! You are a wise man indeed. Keep up the good work. :)

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