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iPhone 4's Retina Display v.s. iPhone 3G

iPhone 5 competitors.

Next month I will be handing back my iPhone as I pivot and go freelance again.

Am very tempted by the iPhone 5 ALTHOUGH can be persuaded to try one of the other brands on the market.


  • Samsung (never had one of yours before)
  • Motorola (ah, I still use my L7 RAZR as my presentation clicker), and / or
  • Nokia (creators of one of my favourites phones, the N95 8gb)

…want to get your devices in the hands of a key influencer in the Wellington / NZ scene who’s also got the license to run a TEDx here in December?

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  1. Got the Samsung crap hate it iPhone 5 all the way Taff with anything other than apple not right !!!!! Honestly the Samsung isn’t great clumsy to use every time it updates you have to re set contacts just to name a few !!

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