The Best Social Media Skills | Curiosity, Permission (Plus Space / Time)

curiosity, permission, space / time

Riffing a response.

After yesterdays LIANZA 2012 Conference keynote I fielded some questions.

The final one from Amanda asked which skills staff in libraries need to gain to use social media effectively?

I know they aren’t skills (sort of) but the above was my answer (not just librarians).



  1. Hi DK,
    I loved your session at LIANZA and was amazed by how quick you transferred audio, photos and clips on your newly created blog….. I’ll give it a go at our College blog as well. I will start with recording book reviews etc and commends on authors visits etc. Thanks for a fantastic hour of melting brains…..Embed will become the holy word for me (:-)

    1. Thanks Anita – was a fun little gig for me and glad what I shared is going to be of use to you and your operations there. Keep in touch :-)

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