One Month After Launching My First Online Course | What Has Happened, What I’ve Learned & What’s Next

Reflecting out loud and showing my brain-work.

Four weeks ago I launched my Presenting Engagingly Online course (radically increase your online storytelling & presenting skills) into the world.

In that very short time I far surpassed the recouping of the costs for the learning management service I’m using (which was my first goal) and have received positive comments on its impact from those who have completed the course. As I continue to promote its existence to the world am aiming to build on this great start and turn it into momentum that will sustain.

As a solopreneur there are no partners or other agencies supporting this endeavour, am doing all the course corrections and publicising myself. That being said, the promotional plan has been simple: let the humans in my network whom I think would be interested know about it (mainly via email). To aid interest, for the first month percentage-off-offers were created each week and these were shared in the emails plus through LinkedIn and Twitter every other day.

A big amount of time was spent researching the platform I’m using and it was chosen not least due to its integrated automation (from payment gateways to sequencing of communications to registrants). That being said, tweaks are always needed albeit small ones.

What’s been a surprise is that I’ve been contacted by a few of my friends and colleagues with good arguments about upping the price (some stating I should add an extra “0” to the price tag). I was already considering adding bonus chapters in the coming months as well as yet-to-be-revealed extra opportunities for the membership community to connect further. Was thinking these two developments would create further opportunities to promote the course whilst also increasing the value to both those who have already bought plus those who are considering. Although if I were to take the advice of those who are advocating for a price increase a new path is to be taken (which I’ve already formulated).

So, if you haven’t purchased access to the course yet, please get in now before any changes occur:

In the coming months I will continue to develop two other complimentary courses which will sit alongside and on the Presenting Wisdom platform, rounding out the offer and increasing the learning portfolio available to undertake.

Any questions, hit me up in the comments.

UPDATE 18.5.22 Planning and creating in concert with the next course – shooting soon:


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