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After over a decade of being immersed in online social spaces and digital technologies it’s time to take a break.

To quieten the cleverness.

To go deep (not just wide).

To consolidate memory.

Regain focus.




That means no more blogging / Twitter / Tumlbr / Pinterest / Facebook / RSS feeds…

Don’t know how long—definitely for a good few weeks / months (during my west coast trip), maybe longer.

“The quieter we are, the more patient and open we are in our sadnesses, the more deeply and serenely the new presence can enter us, and the more we can make it our own, the more it becomes our fate.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

In the past couple of years the whole social media space has become noisy with advertisers / marketeers and diluted with experts.

That being said, recently I’ve discovered the next set of questions—just have to work out if I have the energy to start another business around them and if I’m in the right place for folks who are ready buy.

Still available for hire regarding consulting and speaking gigs (no more training services though unless it’s c-suite level).

I’m back.



  1. I so hear what you are saying DK and I’m excited for you, and for us too. I for one will be totally ready for what you come to us with when you are ‘out the other side’. In the meantime, let me know your movements in the UK in October. Since you’re going to be offline, you can text me. Lisa x

  2. I, for one, am going to miss your genius and the spirit of creative disruption that you have so generously shared. Thanks for all the education you have provided me!

    Can’t wait to see/hear what you’ll be working on next!

    Wishing you peace & safe travels.

    1. Wow – humbled to simply ‘talk’ with you and share what’s in my brain… keep in touch via email as won’t to keep in touch with your amazing adventure as well!

  3. All very nice comments and underlying good sentiment… to which I’ll add a dose of ‘what-now-and-next?’ reality based on our contact & friendship over the years.

    As we both know, ‘it’s time to take a break’ may be a temporary fix but is unlikely to be a solution. Methinks ‘deeper change’ is more appropriate.

    Unless I missed something major, as-is you’re wasting yourself… burned, and doomed to wash-rinse-repeat in ever diminishing & less personally/commercially rewarding cycles. After a bright start, you slipped onto a path where you’re pissing away your potential, and losing the ability to strongly believe in yourself.

    As you well-know, I’ve been where you are – and clearly didn’t ‘recover’… likely because there genuinely is no way ‘back’. There are however many options for going forward. (And to even survive, you have to go through and come out the other side.)

    So… if you’ve ideas & plans – however ragged – let loose the hounds. ‘Go wide-eyed hit the road and do something great that reminds you why you’re alive.’ Or not. It’s obviously your call.

    And yes, I could have done this privately, by email/phone.

    Had I added this when the other comments were fresh, I’d likely have drawn some supportive-of-you but probably otherwise useless reaction from others. Then wasn’t the right time. Now may be.

    So then, as the song says… ‘whatcha gonna do about it?’


    1. Indeed.

      Thanks (as ever) for being the guy to ask the important questions… will catch up soon on what I’m doing about it and to share the very ugly and raw thoughts I have!

  4. G – This resonates deeply: ‘Go wide-eyed hit the road and do something great that reminds you why you’re alive.’

    Since you put it in quotes, may I ask if you’re actually quoting someone else? I’d like to reference it (or you) appropriately.)

    1. Christ, I really don’t know – I swipe from everywhere and I’ve been using that line since 2006 (or earlier).

      Looks to me like I’d been reading Hunter S.

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