Ulearn11 | How Twitter Makes An Event Global


Above is a quick and dirty infographic created as a mini Ulearn conference evaluation (a superb educational annual event organised and run by CORE Education).

The big takeaways:

  • #Ulearn11 was trending in New Zealand the two main days of the conference
  • the massive reach the 300 active tweeterers accumulative follower network has (TweetReach indicated it at nearly 750,000 impressions and a reach of about 70,000 people)
  • how easy you can measure the ‘popular kids in the playground’ (those who tweeted and were tweeted about)

Couple this with twitter conversations not using the hashtag, the connections made through the tweeted ideas plus the retweets, then you’ve got an indication of how Twitter can enable an event to go global.

How do you measure the social media elements of your events? Do you display them graphically or in a different way than above? Drop some knowledge in the comments below.



  1. Boy that is some serious tweeting! I feel disappointed that my tweets didn’t make the cut – I thought I done at least 500, certainly felt like it! Great to see that the event was trending ballistically, good to get that exposure! Social media is the biz, be interested to see how strongly other SM measures up?

  2. I had a great conversation with someone today about twitter – explained to him that if he wants to see where the cutting edge educationalists are hanging out he needs to get on to twitter. I love that I get to have conversations with new ‘random’ people that turn into life-changing conversations as we talk about our work and our passions.

    Great info graphic (and not just cos I appear on it).

  3. Agreed – awesome graphic – have convinced some of my staff to get into Twitter – U-Learn conversations got them hooked as it did for me 2 years ago ….
    Thanks for this and I agree a free L@S pass would be a treat wouldn’t it ….

  4. Cool graphic with some amazing facts. Perhaps a ‘belt’ for the most tweets like they do in WWF.
    I might look to make the top five next year. will start training now!!!

  5. As I have just over a shade 1,000 followers, and obviously have sent over 130,000 Ulearn11 Tweets does seem like a lot. I had a Vic 20 first (in reference to your Spotlight Breakout which I really enjoyed).

    1. You certainly were a avid tweeter and sharer there so thank you – hope you got a lot out of the event personally and thanks for attending my session… was the first time I gave that talk so was fun for me as well :-)

    1. Thanks Stephanie – was hoping the idea of participating without attendance was inferred but you’re right to give it more of a spotlight, especially in light of your great blog post and insights… thanks again and hope to connect in person at a future CORE event :-)

  6. Pretty cool stuff. Makes you (or myself, at least) really think about the impact that both twitter and ulearn have on each other. I too will be sharing this at school.
    Thanks for your hard work during the conference – I enjoyed your morning blogging session so much, I ditched the Apple Smacdown to go to your afternoon session, but don’t tell anyone, especially my fellow hardcore (pun intended) Apple mates.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Mark – especially such a glowing one which made me smile hard – appreciate sir (plus the fact you came to both my sessions – I enjoyed delivering them also… probably a little too much – haha).

      Let me know how the sharing goes in the school plus looking forward to hearing how you will be using blogs in your future work ;-)

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