Learning@School 2012 | Tracking Twitter Infographic

lats12 twitter report

Another infographic for my fab employers regarding the recent Learning@School 2012 conference.

Approximately 1,300 teachers for two days of educational musings, wonderings, provocations, challenges, solutions etc

Some takeaways:

  • the increase in all numbers from Ulearn11 (our last big conference back in October—wonder if the 5 Step Twitter Newbie Start Plan video I did helped?)
  • the expanded use of links within tweets plus conversations which followed (probably a little due to the fact I set up open Google Docs so the audience could collaboratively take notes during the four main keynotes—can be found on the Learning@School blog)
  • the potential reach of the conversations (calculated by the TweetReach reports)

What did you take away from the infographic? Am I asking the wrong questions? What do you think of the results? Were you at the conference and tweeting out and if so how did it add to your experience of the event?

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  1. I think it was the #lats12 hashtag saturation in the ladies loos that pushed people into tweeting.

    Still on 22% of the folks were tweeting though. Let’s aim to up that at ULearn.

    I know that being on Twitter during the conference improved the experience for me.

    Having one person to set up the shared Google Doc for the keynotes was good as one year we had a couple circulating at the same time which diluted the conversation.

    For ULearn maybe one of those big TVs with the scrolling hashtag twitter feed may be useful so that muggles could see people tweeting.

    1. I obviously cannot comment on the use of Twitter in the ladies loos :-)

      22% is slightly up from the last conference plus the majority of attendees were new to the conference, although, always good to set sites on getting over a quarter of folks on there for the next Ulearn in October. Love the idea of the scrolling hashtag TV especially in the main hall (seen that used to good effect at other conference).

      Thanks as ever for your comments and tweets Allanah.

  2. I think teachers are starting to ‘get’ what Twitter is about and how it can benefit them in a professional context. Several teachers I talked to at the conference decided that it was now the time to dip their toes into the ‘Twitterverse’. They are starting to realise that they need to have an online presence to keep up with what is going on in education world wide.

    1. Appreciate the comment and insight into your conversations – great to hear it’s moving that way and hoping we can continue to support the trend.

    1. BIG UPS to those individuals cited for sure Jedd… plus all the other teachers who were peer-educating their colleagues!

      PS I updated your comment with the hyperlinks to the referenced Twitter pages :-)

    2. Yes I totally agree! they were the reason I am now immersed in the twitterverse – and loving my new found learning room!! I am in awe of the enourmous amount of onto it people so willingly sharing their knowledge and experiences to my benefit. I thank you all for your involvement in my on going learning!!

      1. Myra – great to have you as part of the global staffroom that is Twitter and more than humbled my fabulous colleagues were able to assist :-)

  3. What about a TV/projector/display running next to the stage during the keynotes? I think this would get more people tweeting who don’t really hold a concept/model of cyber space in their head easily. They would love to see their tweets appear for everyone not tweeting to see! I know I would :-)

    I’m a little curious too: Wasn’t there a prize for the most tweets? Since DK and Kevin were are part of the conference, doesn’t that mean I (WatchSamFly) won that prize? I’m not really worried about it but I am rather impressed with myself for not really using twitter before the conference. My students are slowly beginning to see the worth though, and a couple of us presented at some teacher PD sessions about the potential use in class. I even made a video about Twitter which you can find if you search for #hhspd – I think I caught a Twitter bug…

    1. Appreciate you taking the time to digest and leave a comment – been to many events where they have displayed the tweets for all to see and I like (know some people find it incredibly distracting – I’ve never had a problem when I’m keynoting).

      I know the IT team are working on something like that so maybe at Ulearn

      Great to hear you caught the Twitter bug – it’s a fabulous resource for sure and your video illustrates it so here’s the link so others can benefit – great job.

      PS just shot you an email on that prize, thought I had DM’s you already but just tried but you’re not following me, probably why it slipped my mind, apologies :-)

      1. No probs – I wasn’t in it for the prizes anyway :-) (I was actually trying to have fun and make tweets of high value – retweeting great stuff, encouraging conversation, useful links, etc – so I’m surprised at how many I did make…)

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