Hillman Curtis | RIP

Tears for a guy I never met.

I never met Hillman Curtis.

I wanted to.

The three times I visited New York emails were sent to attempt to connect, however, he was always busy with other things.

Busy with his amazingly adept creative offerings which I featured regularly on here (the last included a comment thread between myself and the great man which humbled me to the core).

This man was a mammoth creative influence on me. Raised expectations and understanding of the visual narrative; the simplistic but oh so sweet connection one can create through the video medium.

This guy was a master of his craft.

My last email to Mr Curtis was about a month ago after seeing the video above. I was selfishly asking him about his thought process as he embraced the need to lead a more creative life.

I now understand why there was never a response.

Thank you sir, for your creative offerings to the world.

Thank you for allowing us all to see your work.

Thank you for inspiring.

Thank you.



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