The Learning Hill | The Learning Pit Remixed

the learning pit

A re-envisioned model of learning.

Came across James Nottingham’s / Dr John Edwards ‘learning pit’ a few years back when delivering some social media training in an English school and was reminded of it again recently at a couple of conferences here in NZ.

A totally agreeable and digestible model.

Above is my take—’the learning hill’—in my experience, it works better as an ascent:

  • climb—it takes guts to start, a keen eye to spot a route, explore the track or path to forge, courage to continue (as you stumble, fall, fail and loose your footing or encounter the need to backtrack many times);
  • reflect—as you get closer to the summit, satisfaction of acquiring a new skill or insight needs reflection, an opportunity to survey new horizons, to ponder it’s full use and application;
  • apply—the ride down is as complex as the scale up, it’s all about using the wisdom gained, extending possibilities with others (through storytelling), creating positive and lasting change (and maybe starting the whole journey again).

Just a thought.

If it helps, take it.

Remix it again.

Hat tip back etc.

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  1. So relevant. I think at any one time in my life I am at the bottom, the top and the downhill of the Learning Hill. Each time I reach the downhill, it helps with the next hill climb.
    First time I have seen this picture, but now I will be able to identify where I am, which will help with where to next.

    1. Wonderful to hear it spoke to you and what you said about the downhill giving you momentum for the next… brilliant – another great differentiator to the pit model – thanks :-)

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