Update#2: Talk Talk / Tiscali / Roxburghe Debt Collection

talk talk tiscali

What joyous news: TalkTalk and Tiscali could face fines after charging for cancelled services (scroll down and check the comments on this one—so many people affected) Telecom firms threatened with fines for bogus bills:

Ofcom has told TalkTalk to stop trying to collect any non-existent debts, including the use of debt collectors and threats of legal action. People must be refunded if, since 1 January 2010, they have paid bills that should not have been levied. And credit ratings agencies must be told to repair any damaged credit histories.

If you’ve been affected, check out my two previous posts below for how to respond and complain.

UPDATE 23.11.2010: Another Ofcom investigation launched.

UPDATE 28.02.2011: TalkTalk and Tiscali pay £2.5m refunds for bogus bills

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