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Quiet Your Cleverness

Pearls come from the talk above and Duke Stump.

“Quiet your cleverness so that you can learn”, “rethink reframe redesign”, “do you want to dive into the world today or create your own space”, “5 principles : it begins inside, inspiration vs desperation, see.feel.change, nature as a mentor, trust = authenticity”, “if you have a company with meaning and value you have effortless loyalty.”

Thanks to Neil for highlighting it.

Time And Attention

This made me realise we have to attach a sense of value to our time and attention then match it to the most important part of our lives—we also need to protect it. Example : we check emails because we need to check who we are today (it defines our tasks).

Time and attention are too precious not to understand, manage or communicate.

Thank you Merlin

HD Death

HD Death

Goodbye 1TB external hard-drive with five years worth of work, presentations, gigs, client notes, videos, writing etc.

Backup people, backup now!

And / or do what I’m doing—switching to cloud computing for nearly all of my stuff.