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Zen And The Art Of Punching


Punching is an art.

A physical expression of control and movement. An inward exploration of channeled aggression.

Here’s the three biggest things I’ve learned from strapping my hands in the past couple of years:

  • reduce the form, increase the function : once you have the basic biomechanics of a punch down the aim is to concentrate the movement to its barest elements whilst intensifying the impact;
  • learn, unlearn, relearn : it’s essential to adopt the constant ‘amateur state of mind’, relearning everything you know again and again as you deconstruct your actions and hone new patterns of motion;
  • cultivate balance : a left jab starts with a solid right heel, a right cross begins with the pivoting left foot, sounds counter-intuitive, but all part of the karmic order of punching.

If you’re a puncher what have you learned?

Image credit and related post: Paradox Punch

Why Stopping Matters

THIS is why the internet rules.

THIS is why I love social media and Twitter (found through a random retweet).

THIS is also why we need to refocus, unplug and understand what really is important.

Decluttering My Life In 100 Hours

my clothes

Over the past few months I’ve been getting more and more into the ideas and philosophy behind minimalism. Blogs such as Far Beyond The Stars, Exile Lifestyle and Minimal (to name but a few) have spurred me into action with my very own Decluttering My Life In 100 Hours project.

“100 hours devoted to decluttering my life in pursuit of a minimalistic lifestyle. Simple as.”

Join me for the journey…

Holstee Manifesto


This brand got it all right…

Holstee is dedicated to design with a conscience. To deliver on this, we hold every design accountable for the impact it has for on all people, our planet and the product’s quality. 10% of all Holstee revenue is used to empower entrepreneurs in the developing world through micro lending.