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iPad Keynote Remote : A Proposal : Part 1

ipad keynote app

So here’s the pitch:

“I will put up £500 of my own money (and invite others to donate also) in an attempt to find someone to develop a bluetooth app/clicker/remote for specific use with the iPad and Keynote app.”

I’m after two things:

  • *iPhone / iPad whizz-kid / developers who fancy a challenge, PLUS
  • other speakers who also have this issue and want to pool some money together to make this a more attractive proposition to be made

*By the way, it doesn’t have to be an iPhone app, just something that works as a clicker with iPad / Keynote over bluetooth AND the solution needs to be done without jailbreaking any device. Why? Well, much of my living is made through speaking at conferences and other events. My weapons of choice :

  • MacBook Pro / Keynote—to make my presentations (and me) look slick
  • Motorola SLVR / Salling Clicker—used in combination to provide a bluetooth clicker and connection because:
    • the infra-red clicker you get with the Mac has insufficient range for someone like me who wanders the stage when talking (as I don’t do lecterns or scripts) plus anyone in the audience could use theirs to forward my slides
    • sometimes the audio / video setup is at the side or back of the stage / venue and therefore the bluetooth connection between the Mac and SLVR gives a range / stability the infra-red could never offer

During my recent stateside trip I bought an iPad (it is glorious btw) but it has one HUGE flaw, its lack of capacity for using any type of remote for the Keynote app (and it’s not just me asking for this pretty obvious piece of functionality). If the missing piece could be found then speakers all over the world could rock up with this fantastic piece of kit and plug and play.

I’ve already laid out the case for the use of bluetooth and not just the existing wifi connection (especially as some venues I speak at don’t have wifi) and I know bluetooth pairing can be achieved between iPhone and iPad as the 2Screens iPhone app plus the 2Screens iPad app demonstrates this.Plus Apple also allows bluetooth pairing with it’s wireless keyboard—maybe some clever peeps could ‘hitch a ride’ using this same ‘profile’?

There’s also a call (in other discussions online) for the iPad screen to support speakers notes, this is neither a priority or concern of mine as don’t use a script, therefore, not something which is needed under this brief.

If you’re interested in either tackling this problem or pledging some money towards finding a solution then leave a comment.

Update#2: Talk Talk / Tiscali / Roxburghe Debt Collection

talk talk tiscali

What joyous news: TalkTalk and Tiscali could face fines after charging for cancelled services (scroll down and check the comments on this one—so many people affected) Telecom firms threatened with fines for bogus bills:

Ofcom has told TalkTalk to stop trying to collect any non-existent debts, including the use of debt collectors and threats of legal action. People must be refunded if, since 1 January 2010, they have paid bills that should not have been levied. And credit ratings agencies must be told to repair any damaged credit histories.

If you’ve been affected, check out my two previous posts below for how to respond and complain.

UPDATE 23.11.2010: Another Ofcom investigation launched.

UPDATE 28.02.2011: TalkTalk and Tiscali pay £2.5m refunds for bogus bills

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Decluttering My Life In 100 Hours

my clothes

Over the past few months I’ve been getting more and more into the ideas and philosophy behind minimalism. Blogs such as Far Beyond The Stars, Exile Lifestyle and Minimal (to name but a few) have spurred me into action with my very own Decluttering My Life In 100 Hours project.

“100 hours devoted to decluttering my life in pursuit of a minimalistic lifestyle. Simple as.”

Join me for the journey…

Caption Competition#1

caption competition

Pic taken at a recent conference I spoke at featuring myself and Tom. Leave the best caption in the comments and win the following Lomo ActionSampler (brand new and unopened):

lomo 4

Closing date for entries is 29th October 2010—judges decision are final and no correspondence will be entered into so sod off.

Apparently, Leslie Neilsen had the same problem (thank you Richard—taker of the pic):

leslie nielsen


“How’s the wifi up there?”


Rework : Cheat Sheet

Rework is a fabulous book by those clever chaps at 37signals. A jumbo collection of short essays on how they do business. Above you can see my notes on each chapter. A condensed and concentrated version of the big takeaways which I thought important.

UPDATE : @jasonfried (author of Rework just tweeted my post out (hoping the servers will hold out with the increased traffic/bandwidth):

jason fried tweet

ANOTHER UPDATE : Check out the redux/remixed version Rich Gould did below—thank you sir.

ANOTHER UPDATE : Another remixed version by Kenneth Svenningsen—fantastic!

Inspiration Found : HELP

Inspiration Found

My little personal project asking 100 people, from 1-to-100 years old, what single thing inspires them and why in 100 words which will be presented at TEDxCDF in a little over two weeks, needs your help. I’m looking for the following age categories to be filled: 3, 6, 10, 15-17, 53, 57, 61, 64, 66-100—can you help?

To participate fill out THIS FORM—thanks in advance for your time.

Update#1: Talk Talk / Tiscali / Roxburghe Debt Collection

Talk Talk / Tiscali / Roxburghe Debt Collection

At the beginning of February I received a threatening letter and responded the next day with this (get yours here). Nearly 6 weeks on and no response. I contacted Consumer Direct and they have lodged a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading on my behalf—please do the same.

With this fresh approach we can then create a better result (*).

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Business Modeling

Business Modeling

When I first started little endeavour I was told it would fail without a business plan. Nearly four years I still haven’t got one and it’s done quite well (quite well=grown in profit/clients every year). You could argue it would’ve grown quicker or bigger if a business plan was in place—you’d be wrong!

You see business plans are just guesses at best and for us, staying fluid with just a core principle of “everything we do must kick ass” (another words never do a bad gig) has been enough to cement our pedigree and ensure success. That being said, it’s now time to get a little bit more serious about future direction and growth. Not one for a traditional approach I devoured the book opposite which is for those ready to abandon outmoded thinking and embrace new, innovative models of value creation.

Business Model Generation has helped me craft a ‘plan’ without writing loads and loads of stuff but instead mapping and drawing it all out—thank you guys.