#28 May 2021 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Delight in some random things I tweeted from the world wide web.


The knicker throwing started in the Copacabana in New York in 1968’ via Tom.

Google is testing out its controversial new ad targeting tech on millions of Chrome users, sighs, check here if you’re worried.

Another whistleblower personal account & another reason to leave Facebook whilst you can.

If you’re in Ireland, thousands are urged to sue Facebook in mass action over leaked data.



A site to see a satellite tonight.

A growing list of those being brought to justice for the ‘Capital Breach’ of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C, on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021.

This guessing game pops you into the ambience of a random city and you have to guess where you are.


Image credit: Soon She Was Lost to Sight, Arthur Rackham via Old Book Illustrations.
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#27 April 2021 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Lets your digits do the clicking with some curated niceties.


TEDxWellington 2021 cancelled (ouch).

How Kenya is harnessing the immense heat from the Earth, seriously.

How the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands thinks they got rid of COVID19 by competence and luck.



Keep Being Human poster.

Listen to ambient sounds inspired by movies & TV.

Here’s an infinitely-zooming in or out painting.

A tool to explore the view of Earth’s globe from 750 millions ago until today.

The whole of the Louvre collection is now available online.

Image credit / check out Olga’s other colourisation work.
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TEDxWellington 2021 Cancelled & License Hibernated | A Big Hole Appears In My Diary

For nearly a decade, a huge part of my life has been devoted to a pro-bono endeavour of producing the community TEDx events here in the capital.

The decision to cancel this years event really hurt—read the full announcement here—as the 2021 event was going to be my last and boy I was aiming to go out on a high (with a 2,000 person event plus some wicked delegate experience ideas to boot as well).

However, after:

…my time as the kaitiaki of the capital city license has ended.



Then explore new paid opportunities which align to my skill set and serves my individual purpose regarding enabling people to find and have voice through delicious learning experiences.

Am looking to work with kind humans who reach beyond their grasp and have complex problems to solve—I like intersecting disciplines, leading on collaborations and crafting outcome-based connections through content creation.

Big words for basically saying making cool and complicated stuff with nice people!

As way of an illustration, I recently developed and delivered an in-studio learning experience for Teulo which is an online platform for architects and designers.

Let me know if you are in need of a DK-shaped human to assist in any creative project directing / producing.

And I will continue to offer and deliver speaker coaching (one-to-ones and group masterclasses) for select clients as well as developing out the fourth Creative Leadership NZ 2021 conference for the end of the year.


#26 March 2021 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

A gathering of things found which has surprised and delighted.


Fears over DNA privacy as 23andMe goes public in deal with Richard Branson.

Bebo reveals plan to take on Facebook & Twitter.

Facebook asks users to opt into activity tracking ahead of iOS 14 changes.



Check out this massive amount of ZX Spectrum games online.

GutenSearch: Looks inside the books of Project Gutenberg.

This jungle wilderness simulator for relaxing, sleeping or working.

Comprehensive list of templates for Paper Mechanisms.

There’s a new hugging emoji (Unicode PDF details) 🫂.

Image credit: that’s a photo of the first roundabout under the Atlantic Ocean / read more about it here.
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Developing Collaborative Learning Spaces | Teulo Expert Series

As a creative producer, I craft delicious learning experiences

…this cute line is my attempt to describe the intended impact beyond the generic title, and last week I truly got to manifest this goal.

Teulo has been a fantastic client: inviting me to MC their twice monthly global online talks (which garner on average about 350 souls), record and edit down their podcast series, as well as produce the above.

The brief was to develop an ‘in-studio’ recorded interview experience with a a specific topic-expert which would become the fifth module of a five part in-depth online series for architects and designers.

The process of developing the idea from brief to concept and then to product is a wonderful journey—with my propensity for details (have been told by more than a few how ‘particular’ I am), it amplifies the potential of achieving an output of the highest quality.

“Love how DK can hear my creative ideas and vision, then bring them to life. I have huge trust and respect for DK and really enjoy working with him, as he completely understands what I want to achieve with Teulo. Thank you!”

Jay Fenwick, Teulo Founder

It all starts with client who trusts, then collaborators who embellish your plans with their own mastery (thanks FlashDog Studios and Mike Potton), on top of trusting in ones own ability to convert a shared vision into actuality knowing that iteration and deviation are oftentimes positives.

Am now hungry for more experiences and opportunities like this…

Photo credit: Jay / Teulo Founder.

Creative Welly 2020 Review | Lessons From Nearly 18 Hours Of Conversations

After 11 episodes with 22 impressive humans covering nearly 18 hours of conversations, has it been worth it?

The calibre of guests and their subsequent discussions has been impressive (see below). It’s been such a joy to bring together interesting souls who don’t know each other to explore connections and insights. It certainly celebrating the talent we have in the capital and have learned so much from the discussions.

As an a side, very aware of the positive relationships formed as well as the community being built up through the alums.

Creative Welly is an advertising / sponsor free project and the biggest cost is the time for all involved. It takes a whole day to set up then record two episodes. Then there’s the video editing, reviewing, blog post creation, audio production, uploading all content, distribution etc. I pay for the Vimeo Plus account and a few episodes in switched from the paid audio podcast hosting of Libsyn to the free Anchor platform.

In terms of how many views and / or listens, don’t know. Haven’t looked. This is the deficit in the plan as don’t have the time to promote and upload across multiple platforms, although, to be very honest, this is both not the reason to start this (but totally appreciate for many this is the validating factor).

From a production perspective, there is nothing like this out there. It’s exhilarating to see the result of my vision to craft something unique in the long-form video podcast format space come to fruition.

That being said, the focus next year will be:

  • hone the format: amplify the ‘courageous’ bit of the conversations;
  • promotional collateral: before posting live and during review create some shorter form content for cross-platform promotion (Linkedin / Twitter / blog content etc.);
  • 2021 list: continue to curate and focus on revealing the wonderful talent the city (and those passing through) has to offer.

So if you’re not subscribed here’s a quick run down on who you’re missing out on:

1. Jessica Manins, Co-Founder & CEO, Beyond & Sarb Johal, Clinical Psychologist and Youtube Creator
2. Olie Body, Social Entrepreneur & Executive Menstruator & Ged Finch, X-frame
3. Raqi Syed, Digital Artist & Gabe Davidson, Cocoa Bean Hunter
4. Sandy Gildea, Executive Director, Screen Producers NZ & Jase Te Patu, Founder of M3 Mindfulness for children, Co-owner Awhi Yoga and Wellbeing
5. Hīria Te Rangi, Kaiwhakahaere o Whare Hauora & Guled Mire, Community Advocate & Co-founder, Third Culture Minds
6. Haritina Mogoșanu, Astrobiologist and Space Science Communicator & Gareth Parry, Creating spaces for people to work together, Partner at PwC New Zealand
7. Pia Steiner, Senior Advisor Organisational Development at Ministry of Justice & Thomas van Raamsdonk, Irritator and Inspirer. Building performance geek. GM for Pro Clima in Australia & New Zealand
8. Lindy Nelson, Founded AWDTNZ and AmplyfyingUs: a Podcast in service to the mission & Clive Spink, Chief Executive Pūkeko Pictures
9. Janelle (Jay) Fenwick, Founder – Teulo CPD Education Platform & Tom Probert, Head of Marketing and Innovation – Powershop
10. Bron Thomson, Founder and CEO, Springload & Paul Atkins, Chief Executive, ZEALANDIA
11. Elizabeth McNaughton – Cofounder and Director of Hummingly & Rohan Wakefield – CEO & Cofounder at Enspiral Dev Academy

A cacophony of thanks, not only to the guests for sharing their generous times, stories and insights, but also deep appreciation to Alex at Xequals for hosting us, plus Jono from Empire Films for producing the superb and unique final videos.

If you’re a viewer / listener please feel free to drop me a line or comment below with any ideas / suggestions for improvement I’m missing out on here, and please subscribe via Creative Welly if you haven’t already.


RemoteTogetherNZ – Register Now | New Curator Role


A new festival exploring the elements of remote and flexible working, 2-13 November 2020 in Queenstown – let’s be remote together!

In June my friend Trent Yeo calls me with an audacious idea to go some way in addressing the tourism deficit of Queenstown. His pitch was simple: in March 2020 this year, if you had a job you suddenly became part of a global tribe called ‘remote and flexible workers’, lets build out a learning experience around this, attract different humans to the area to explore working from here in the future.

So after some early scoping, tweaks and iterations plus LOTS of conversations, RemoteTogetherNZ was born:

Join us for RemoteTogetherNZ, a festival of professional development, networking opportunities, and wellbeing activities which explore the themes of flexible and remote working in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The remote world is here to stay and New Zealand has a great opportunity to be a global leader. We are in a privileged position to be able to reflect back on lockdown and despite the challenges it brought, it also revealed humanity, kindness and focus on what was important. If Aotearoa is to lead the world as a global citizen and a regionally progressive nation, then what are we doing with the largest single effort humans spend their waking hours doing – work?

We’re trying to do something which can’t and / or shouldn’t be possible: pull together a world-class, vibrant and compelling, two-week festival, in about 3 months, with over forty different learning opportunities exploring the following themes:

We’ve secured some pots of money from Queenstown Lakes District Council plus Tourism NZ to kick this off and registrations are now open as the programme continues to develop along with the speaker line-up:

Have been working my fingers off curating the current offer and it’s been a wonderful journey of collaboration with such open and good humans:

Trent – the visionary, energetic catalyst for the whole endeavour.

Scott – on-the-ground logistics ace making sure what we plan is doable,

Jess – leading on MarComms and the weaver of complex narratives.

Cuillin – utility superstar, covering off so many other things the rest don’t have time to do.

So if you’re interested in these topics, work in an organisation or business which is still exploring how to react accordingly to this new epoch, someone in charge of redoing policies and strategies, a leader still getting to grips with this different approach to leading etc., register now and snap up the ‘cheap-as-chips-early-bird’ options!

This is going to be fun…


Creative Welly Episode #4 | The Power Of The Breath

Another two impressive humans sharing stories and colliding ideas.

Truly enjoying the combination of differences during these conversations and how you never know where commonalities will occur.

There’s audio if that’s how you roll:

For full bios and sign up plus subscription options go to creativewelly.com


COVID19 | Managing Your Personal Privacy Liability

Where does the liability lie when employers stipulate the use of certain platforms / programmes / devices which could become a future privacy issue?

Following up on my ‘Working From Home Privacy Check‘ post last week, I tweeted out the above query as conversations with some of my peers raised the challenge they were facing. It doesn’t take much to come up with some other scenarios where issues could arise:

SCENARIO 1 : An educational organisation is transitioning to virtual classes and is using an online platform to deliver to the students. Teachers are working hard to digitise the content and subsequent workflow for all involved. During some of the online lessons, a couple of students innocently post images of the classes with all the faces plus full names of their fellow students publicly on social media.

SCENARIO 2 : A small company wants to ensure its employees are staying connected and has started using a messaging system which the teams are asked to download on their devices. This creates the opportunity for work discussions along with more personal communications, just like a work environment. The platform they use gets infiltrated with a spambot and it starts sending phishing messages to all the employees personal contacts in their phones contact book.

SCENARIO 3 : A large governmental department is starting to utilise a new video conferencing platform as everyone is working from home. Its operations and the information shared are highly confidential as they deal with issues of national security. Due to a flaw in the video system, some of the discussions are accessible to other parties who use it for nefarious means.

The question about liability bounced around for about a week until I got the following response via this tweet from John Edwards, Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand:

Employees are obliged to follow any reasonable instruction from an employer. If an employee conveyed reservations about using a particular tool and the employer said please proceed, they would likely be obliged to follow that instruction. The employer assumes the risk.

Which was also corroborated by another tweet from 2018 Wellingtonian of the Year and an employment law specialist, Steph Dyhrberg, Partner at Dyhrberg Drayton Employment Law:

Agree. I would put it in writing to have a record of the concerns being raised. Employer should record the direction in writing too.

So if you are working from home and you have concerns regarding your privacy please do detail them via email with your employer. You might want to also ask for some risk assessment and scenario planning from the leadership also.

Stay safe and sane out there, plus wash your hands!

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