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Press Pause Play

I want to see this.

“There has never been a better time to be an artist.”
Seth Godin (on how the internet / social media has changed everything)

Which means the only excuse now (for not trying), is you…

Modern Times

If they were doing stuff like this when I was a kid I would’ve definitely taken that place in art college. All done with green screen… don’t believe me—check it.

I Am Here With You Now

here now

I am here with you now.
I am here.
With you.
We’re in each others gaze.
We’re in each others arms.
We’re in each others heart.
We feel the warmth of our lips before the touch.
Hands in hair.
Around waists.
On our faces.
We match each other in sighs and nothing matters but this moment.
The light fractures in… my focus aligns as my eyes reopen.
You were there.
With me.

Declutter100 – The Book


Since starting the Declutter100 project I’ve been devouring and digesting loads of minimal related videos, ebooks, blogs, podcasts… there is a wealth of fantastic guidance, insights, tips and strategies out there for newbies like me. Thought it was time to contribute to the cause…

As I’m still an amateur was thinking of acting as a curator of knowledge rather than originator—here’s my intention: 100 minimalists sharing in a 100 words anything they want (an idea, a story, a practice, a lyric, a quote, anything…) on the subject of minimalism.

All responses will be aggregated into a free ebook. Simple, huh? If you’ve completed the form below feel free to publicise this project using #declutter100

Originally published on Declutter100—never got enough participants so didn’t go anywhere!