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TEDxCDF Review


A couple of years ago I set myself a personal goal to speak at TED in the next five years.

Thank you Neil and Claire plus everyone involved in making that dream a reality. The TEDxCardiff event was a fantastic balance of performance, insights, geekery, reflections, intelligence, fun etc.—here’s what Neil (organiser) learned from putting it together.

If you couldn’t attend you can read the write-up here.

The only shame is a month later there are still no videos up online. Momentum has been lost and those individuals who volunteered to take care of this have not helped their case for doing this stuff going forward. Ah well.

Thanks to the organisers again for the opportunity and when the videos become available I will post about it here.

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Update#1: Talk Talk / Tiscali / Roxburghe Debt Collection

Talk Talk / Tiscali / Roxburghe Debt Collection

At the beginning of February I received a threatening letter and responded the next day with this (get yours here). Nearly 6 weeks on and no response. I contacted Consumer Direct and they have lodged a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading on my behalf—please do the same.

With this fresh approach we can then create a better result (*).

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Talk Talk / Tiscali / Roxburghe Debt Collection

Talk Talk / Tiscali / Roxburghe Debt Collection

Received this letter tonight. It was forwarded onto me from an address I haven’t lived in for over four years.

It’s a little scary to receive stuff like this as nobody wants their credit rating messed with. I’m still trying to work out a course of action (apart from phoning Talk Talk—previously Tiscali—in the morning) and hopefully doing this will be a good start.

It seems I’m not the only one receiving threats of this kind as you can read here, here and here.

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Business Modeling

Business Modeling

When I first started little endeavour I was told it would fail without a business plan. Nearly four years I still haven’t got one and it’s done quite well (quite well=grown in profit/clients every year). You could argue it would’ve grown quicker or bigger if a business plan was in place—you’d be wrong!

You see business plans are just guesses at best and for us, staying fluid with just a core principle of “everything we do must kick ass” (another words never do a bad gig) has been enough to cement our pedigree and ensure success. That being said, it’s now time to get a little bit more serious about future direction and growth. Not one for a traditional approach I devoured the book opposite which is for those ready to abandon outmoded thinking and embrace new, innovative models of value creation.

Business Model Generation has helped me craft a ‘plan’ without writing loads and loads of stuff but instead mapping and drawing it all out—thank you guys.

Oat So Good

oat so good

Earlier this year I got diagnosed with IBS after undertaking a series of horrible tests.

Straight away the docs wanted to medicate me although I declined as wanted to tackle the cause not the symptons of the problem. I asked for holistic therapy solutions and was told there are none. So I hit the books and with some advice from other people embarked on a no-wheat, no-dairy, no sugar. This sorted it all out.

One of the hardest things has been cutting out chocolate, bread and surprisingly replacing my Coco Pops, Frosties and Weetos morning habit. After trying porridge, fruit and other alternatives I found Oat-so-good—delicious, local (made in Wales) and has none of the evil stuff my stomach can’t handle.

Thanks guys.

Imagine Working Four Hours A Week


Currently blasting through this book and enjoying the challenges it’s leveling at me—for those who have never heard of it here’s my dilluted summary:

…the exploration and achievement of becoming part of the NEW RICH (NR) and creating a lifestyle of “mini-retirements”—working when most effective, productive and enjoyable.

Has anybody else read it and more importantly adopted the principles into their lives? NB : Really interested in those who love their job/work and how they have used it…

Paradox Punch

paradox punch

I’m a pacifist. Hate violence. Denounce war. Reject macho-egos. Then why do I enjoy strapping up my fists and punching the beejeebers out of a bag or a partners pads?